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4_ · Compañía IO

contemporary circus company founded in 2015 by Álvaro Reboredo and Álvaro Pérez.

With their first show Contiguo receive the Best Show Award in OFF Circada in Sevilla.

4 seconds is their second production.


 FETEGA Festival 2019

4 SECONDS was the time it took for that pile of iron to fall on my body. A few seconds that became minutes. A few seconds that, this time, brought out the best and purest of me. The fear is diluted to leave the protagonism to an agile and decisive body. This piece talks about accidents, risk, life and self-knowledge. 4 SECONDS reminds us of the animal we all carry inside. That animal that, at times, can save our lives. 

On the stage in the middle of a dense fog appear two human figures, she lying on it, on the ground. Little by little both recover their vitality and with it the movement appears. However there is something strange in their looks. They will never be the same again. They have just lived without a doubt a transcendental experience that will change their lives.

4_ · Compañía IO

Direction and dramaturgy

Álvaro Reboredo "Fitinho"


Beatriz Rubio, Javier Lemus, Álvaro Reboredo 

Experimental electronic music

Javier Lemus

Direction movement and choreography

Maximiliano Sandford

Stage design

Beatriz Rubio

Costume design

Atelier Efímero

Lighting Design

Javier Quintana


Aitor, Avelina, Amparo Girisho, Raquel, Toni and Álvaro


Clara Pedrol

Thanx to

INAC Porto, ESMAE Porto, ESAD de Galicia, CIRCONOVE Santiago de Compostela, ANDÉN 38 A Coruña, SCUD HERO, Julián Carrara, Chiplab Studio, Afonso Becerra, Laura Rubio, Carlos Sante, Malala and Iván.

Premiered on november 30 and 1st and 2nd december 2018 at Sala Ártika in Vigo (Spain).


"Four [4"] seconds is an example of amplification or temporary dilation: four seconds, of an accident, that dramaturgy expands to a piece of new circus and experimental music of one hour. "


"We are facing a circus that no longer feeds, but deals with vital issues, affirmed through the sportive physicality of acrobatics and dance, the sensoriality of music and sounds, transcended by the poetry of the image of the bodies bolted by light and movement ". 

Dramaturgy and new circus by Afonso Becerra, ARTEZBLAI El periódico de las Artes Escénicas

4" · Compañía IO
4" · Compañía IO
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4" · Compañía IO
4" · Compañía IO
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4" · Compañía IO
4" · Compañía IO
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4" · Compañía IO
4" · Compañía IO
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