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Nuria Sotelo is dancer, choreographer and actress.

She worked for the Galician Choreographic Center, Femme Fatale, Experimenta Danza, Teatro Rosoante, Elefante Elegante, Matarile Teatro and in 2010 she founded her own company Licenciada Sotelo with which she produces 7 shows.

In 2017 she received the theater interpretation prize Maruxa Villanueva of Concello de Padrón.

It is a dance-theater piece with an artistic and technical team composed of creative and free women who take as inspiration the figure and work of the great artist Maruja Mallo.

This work was born with the desire to recognize and make known this painter component of the movement of "No hat"; movement that includes the women of the Generation of 27, that fraction of the Generation of 27 that did not appear in the textbooks when we studied.


The starting point is the Gala commemorating the 117th anniversary of the birth of the artist Maruja Mallo (and 24 years after her death). From there, the three performers travel with their body, movement and voice through the artistic and vital universe of the painter and her own, establishing points of connection between times and seemingly distant spaces.


Nuria Sotelo, Cris Vilariño, Andrea Quintana and Rebeca Carrera


Andrea Quintana


Nuria Sotelo, Cris Vilariño and Rebeca Carrera

Sound Space


Lighting Design

Laura Iturralde and Del Ruiz


Licenciada Sotelo


Rubén Vilanova


Nuria Sotelo and Cris Vilariño

With the support of

Agadic · Xunta de Galicia

Premiered in Auditorio Municipal de Ourense, 2019

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