Contemporary dance show to unconventional spaces | 15 min 




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is an actor and dancer and works in the companies Teatro Ensalle and Galitoon, collaborates with the artists Dora García, Tino Sehgal, Elena Córdoba, Victor Hugo Pontes, Barbara Griggi and Emanuele Sciannames, and founds, with María Roja, Berio Molina and Ángel Sousa the collective of experimental scenic creation: ántemperie



Since 2013 he works as a dancer with the choreographer Amélia Bentes



In 2015 he presents his first creation, A temperatura O temperamento, premiered at Teatro Ensalle of Vigo and awarded in Solodos En Danza of Ourense in 2016.

And transit those territories that rest, that extend, appear and have already disappeared; that rush, explode, splash, that twitch, that rise.


A Temperatura O Temperamento is an act of faith in the matter of which the body is composed, of the language that is its own. Only one body and one landscape. And so many landscapes. Landscapes within landscapes. To provide the spectator with a walk through universes full of physical, emotional and energetic states.

Creation and performance

Fran Martínez 

Lighting design

Batyburrillo (Pedro Fresneda and Raquel Hernández)

Lighting operator and technical director

 Ángel Sousa



Miguel Vidal


Graphic design

María Roja


Thanks to

Teatro Ensalle, NORMAL Espazo de Intervención Cultural


Premiered: June, 5, 6 and 7 in 2015 in theTeatro Ensalle of Vigo.

Tour 2015, 2016 and 2017:

Ciclo de Danza Contemporánea "Bailan raro" of Vigo, Sala Ingrávida of Porriño, Espacio Labruc of Madrid, Festival Internacional de Danza "Miradas al Cuerpo" of Madrid, Festival de Danza of Sarria - Artes no Camiño, Festival de danza e artes do corpo Corpo a Terra of Ourense, Festival Quincegotas of A Coruña, Festival Gondomar en Contacto, Festival Sólodos Ourense, Festival Abril en Danza of Elche.

Awarded in 2016: Dansa Elx in the Sólodos En Danza of Ourense

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