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Diego M. Buceta is a new Galician creator to the company Prácido Domingo - finalists in the Choreographic Contest of Madrid 2018.


As vacacioness mais longas is his first individual show, winner of the award for the best interpretation of the Certame Metro Cadrado of FIOT in Carballo.

Just as Allen dreamed of Rockland and a long trip by sea to the door of his country house in the night of the West, I dream of arriving after a long journey to that rocky landscape where it no longer sounds but the hum of the wind . A bag of bones that wanders dragged like a living corpse and that seeks to rise and disappear, mixing with dust and stars. And so stop being something. And so be happily part of everything.


-I'm with you in Rockland

in my dreams you walk dripping from a trip by sea

on the highway that crosses America flooded in

tears to the door of my country house in the night

of the West-

Creator and performer

Diego M. Buceta

Lighting Design

Laura Iturralde


Laura Iturralde

Video register

Laura Iturralde/ Eva Viera

Thanks to

Residencias Paraíso/ Colectivo RPM, Asociación Pedra do Lagarto, Olga Cameselle, Clara Pampyn, Candela Capitán.


Was premiered in Vigo en Bruto programme of Teatro Ensalle - Vigo on june 2017.

Best performer prize at the Certame Metro Cadrado of the FIOT in Carballo - Spain, 2018. 

As vacacións máis longas
As vacacións máis longas
As vacacións máis longas
As vacacións máis longas