Outdoor and unconventional spaces | 15 minutes



 are two young creators, dancers and teachers with a degree in dance at the UNA of Costa Rica, their country of residence.


This is her first work as a collective and previously have been trained and presented pieces at several festivals in Latin America.

The piece is born from the need that human beings have to confront the duality that lives inside of ourselves.


As creators we seek through the simplicity of movement to generate images of harmony, reflection of the imperfect interaction of two versions of the same person: the fragile body and the strong body.


We explore through the scenic proposal a distorted reality of what we show socially and what we really are as individuals: both versions derive and are a consequence of one another.

Creators and performers

Tamara Otárola and Lucía González

Sound space

Bryan Prado



Alexander Otárola and Pablo Vargas

Premiered on march in 2019 in Sólodos En Danza Festival Costa Rica. 

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