Site specific show of contemporary dance



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It is the company of Erick Jiménez and Maruxa Salas.


There are innumerable choreographies taken to scene and street in the last years,

among which stand out Sazón, Vigilia en Ausencia, Dos en danza, ...


Sólodos is also a cultural platform that manages the festivals

Solodos En Danza Costa Rica, Solodos En Danza Ourense

and Danza no Claustro.

CORP SONORE is a work of contemporary dance conceived within the artistic current LAND ART.

The body of the performers, the scenic place where the show transits and the sonorous sculptures, reproduce an aesthetic and sound imaginary in the audience that faces a landscape full of effects and sensations that make the observer a participant in the work.


CORPS SONORE uses the scenic space as a metaphor for the context, urban and rural places, interacting with the environment in a direct way, the artists dialogue with the environment and subsequently create the work.

Thus a transformation is born through an experience that gives value to the communication of thoughts, a dialogue in many directions, landscape, architecture, music and dance.

Artistic director

Erick Jiménez

Assistant director

Maruxa Salas

Performers and creators

Will Menter, François Merville,

Jane Norbury and Erick Jiménez

Sound space drector

Will Menter

Sound space creators

François Merville, Erick Jiménez and Will Menter


Erick Jiménez

Choreography and movement director

Erick Jiménez

Choreography assistant

Maruxa Salas

Sound design

Will Menter and François Merville

Sound sculptor and saxophonist

Will Menter


François Merville

Escenic design

Jane Norbury


​Management director

Maruxa Salas


Manu Lago


   Sólodos - Neodans S.C.

Association Neuf Portes

Centro Coreográfico Galego -

Agadic - Xunta de Galicia


Galicia Danza Contemporánea

Auditorio Municipal of Ourense

Concellaría de Cultura - Concello of Ourense

Concellaría de Urbanismo - Concello of Ourense

Concellaría de Educación - Concello of Ourense

Corps Sonore was selected to co-production with Centro Coreográfico Galego - Agadic - Xunta de Galicia in 2018.


Corps Sonore will be premiered in Parque Botánico Montealegre of Ourense in june 2018.

Corps Sonore
Corps Sonore

Foto Manu Lago

Corps Sonore
Corps Sonore

Foto Manu Lago

Corps Sonore
Corps Sonore

Foto Manu Lago

Corps Sonore
Corps Sonore

Foto Manu Lago