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Just as Allen dreamed of Rockland and a long trip by sea to the door of his country house in the night of the West, I dream of arriving after a long journey to that rocky landscape where it no longer sounds but the hum of the wind . A bag of bones that wanders dragged like a living corpse and that seeks to rise and disappear, mixing with dust and stars. And so stop being something. And so be happily part of everything.


-I'm with you in Rockland

in my dreams you walk dripping from a trip by sea

on the highway that crosses America flooded in

tears to the door of my country house in the night

of the West-

Creator and performer

Diego M. Buceta

Lighting Design

Laura Iturralde


Laura Iturralde

Video register

Laura Iturralde/ Eva Viera

Thanks to

Residencias Paraíso/ Colectivo RPM, Asociación Pedra do Lagarto, Olga Cameselle, Clara Pampyn, Candela Capitán.

Was premiered in Vigo en Bruto programme of Teatro Ensalle - Vigo on june 2017.

Best performer prize at the Certame Metro Cadrado of the FIOT in Carballo - Spain, 2018. 

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