Contemporary dance show to conventional/unconventional spaces ! 70 min

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 Rut Balbís 


Is the new proposal of Pisando Ovos aimed at the new scenic languages, in the key of contemporary creation, in which the concert is shown as a way of meeting of the current society, and which invites all attendees to vibrate together.


The creation of the company returns to one of the most important points of his work: the total delivery of the bodies from the actions and daily movements, this time from the rebound and the jump. This choreographic investigation revolves around the harshness of the extreme physical states that move towards a poetic composition through the remains of movement and the personal essences that appear in the dancers.


The dialog artist / masses, DJ / bodies, music / movement, is integrated into a night or concert environment by means of the light proposal and the strong commitment to live music.

For the creator, the premiere of this show is part of the trilogy composed by Que volvan as flores (2014), Give it a spin (2015) and Directo 9 (2018), revolving around electronic music and the physical wear of bodies live.


The bodies that attend the DIRECTO 9 concert live a group experience. As if it were the bodies of some athletes, they take the bodies to meet physical limits, wear and extreme fatigue.

The meeting is guided by the music of the DJ that takes the masses in a ritual process towards the mimesis of a common leap, towards lack of control and total surrender.

Once the climax of the concert is over, the intimate and personal contact with the empty bodies, making them more fragile, more transparent.

In the hardness of the landscape that can be seen, the beauty of humanity germinates.

Directo 9 was premiered on 3, 4, 5 and 6 on october 2018 at the Teatro Ensalle of Vigo  and playet at TRC Danza in Teatro Rosalía of A Coruña. 

Selected to Platea and Cantabria Escena PRO 2019 programmes. 


Because, in some way, this DIRECTO 9 shows us that the rhythmic impulses of direct, of the living arts, their humidity, their vital contagion, can never be replaced by the virtual arts or by the virtual world.

Afonso Becerra - Artezblai Magazine


The most interesting thing about Directo 9 is precisely that the company of Rut Balbís obliges the public to observe from a place that no longer relies exclusively on reasoning and that must be confronted, also, from corporality. Try to start a dialogue in which waiting is transformed into something closer to an instinctive complicity, to listen and feel without needing a concept that involves the agreement.

Manuel Xestoso - Erregueté Magazine


Direction a creation

Rut Balbís


Assistant director

Janet Novas


Creation and performers

Fran Martínez, Jas Processor, Raúl Pulido & Paula Quintas


Lighting design

Afonso Castro


Sound and graphic design

Jas Processor



Manu Lago


Promotional video




Teatro Ensalle de Vigo, Centro Dramático Galego,

Galicia Danza Contemporánea and NORMAL


Co-produced by

Centro Coreográfico Galego - Agadic - Xunta de Galicia

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