Contemporary dance show | street and unconventional spaces | 15 min.




  • Facebook Irene Vázquez

is a dancer and choreographer.


Graduates of  the Dance Professional Conservatory of Sevilla,

Mariemma of Madrid and María de Ávila.


She worked with Fernando Hurtado, Larumbe dance, Janet Novas among others

and made collaborations with Lucía Marote or Camille Hanson.


She also teaches dance at the Carmen Conde Cultural Center in

Majadahonda and coordinator of the platform Descalzinha Danza in Madrid.

A solo that explores, through movement, the idea of catharsis and liberation.

A woman who wants to get rid of an imposed identity, her gestures, her breathing, her search show their weaknesses and strengths.

Claims through the symbolism the right to express ourselves as individuals isolated from gender conventions.


A place for reflection and doubt,

the beginning of a trip,

the voice of your conscience,

a constant struggle between your body and the world, a transition, a change ... Someone who comes into conflict.

What would you do if today were your last chance?

Idea, choreography and interpretation

Irene Vázquez

Assistant director and dramaturgy

Pedro Núñez Delgado

Original music

Einstrürzende Neubaten and Tim Hecker


Descalzinha Danza


Elena Abad y Soledad & Nel


Celia Santos

Counseling and support

Coreógrafos en Comunidad - Camille Hanson, Centro Danza Canal, Blank Space, Carmen Conde

Cultural Center, of Majadahonda,  Municipal Dance School of Pozuelo de Alarcón, María de Ávila Dance Conservatory, Lucía Marote and Poliana Lima.

Premiere: I Ciclo de Danza of Teatros Luchana - Madrid.


It was presented in  La Pennca of Sevilla 2016, Festival Secretsundance&Gatadans 2017, II Festival Vai de Baile of Ferrol 2017,

Gracias X Favor of Santander 2017. 

El cuerpo que habita
El cuerpo que habita

Foto Elena Abad

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El cuerpo que habita
El cuerpo que habita

Foto Mercedes Pedroche

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El cuerpo que habita
El cuerpo que habita

Foto Manuel Arenas

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El cuerpo que habita
El cuerpo que habita

Foto Soledad & Nel

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