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Dance day for the street or unconventional spaces | 45 minutes



Emerxe is the meeting of three emerging Galician creators.


Emerxe is a day of contact with contemporary dance for all audiences. Part of a training and experimentation program of the movement in the bodies for different audiences (children, adolescents, adults,...) to then go outside and enjoy the shows of the three creators: Alejandra Balboa, Clara Ferrao and Marcia Vazquez. ​


These three solo pieces are created by the performers and have as a link the relationship of their own body with themselves and with their immediate surroundings. And we could define it specifically as Alejandra Balboa's relationship with internal impulses, Marcia Vázquez's relationship with the social context where her body is located, and Clara Ferrao's relationship with the external factors closest to her. ​


The expanded activity of the three courses takes place in the morning during 3 hours.

The exhibition program of the three pieces takes place on the same day in the afternoon and lasts 45 minutes.

Vertebrata of Alejandra Balboa



10 min.

Creation and performer: Alejandra Balboa 



I don't let anything enter me without rumbling, without controlling the intensity with which they inhabit, collide and even explode. Sometimes they seem to rest, but they quickly go as far as they can to be noticed. I just try to turn them off. I think, naive, that when they pinch me again, I will understand them clearly. But not. I can't get them to sleep. I fear that my peace will be reduced to the small moments in which the air manages to enter and leave my body without difficulty.



Finalist in Duets and solos Creation Contest of SóLODOS En Danza Festival / Ourense / 2020.

Best performer award in IV Plataforma Diálogos Contemporáneos of Festival DZM de Cáceres 2021.

Onde pousa a humidade of Marcia Vázquez



15 min.

Creation and performer: Marcia Vázquez Ramírez

Artistic advice: Carmen Larraz, Paula Ramis Muñoz and Raquel Jara

Music: Mercedes Peón - Momentos, Leilía - O meu amor

Voiceovers: Documental Línea 900 - Costa da Morte

Sound space: Guillermo Alfaro e Marcia Vázquez



Onde pousa a humidade it is a solo that delves into waiting and its relationship with the body in the present and past tense. It is inspired by the Costa da Morte, Galiza, one of the coasts with the most shipwrecks in Europe. “A tribute to women, those who always wait for the ocean to give them back, at least, the remains of bones of their relatives. Meanwhile, the salt cracks their weaving hands, net by net, which keeps them on the ground”.


Miñaxoia of Clara Ferrao



13 min.

Direction: Maximiliano Sanford Monte

Performer: Clara Ferrão Diz

Music: Jambinai and Roger Goula



“A body, a vibration, a blow, a fracture. It doesn't destroy me. This situation is not taken into account, and I, miñaxoia, trust that this will change. Sometimes everything seems invisible, there is only the body, only fatigue, only the inexhaustible movement that allows me to recognize where I am. Organized chance opens a blank space in which to enter. The body fades, finds a new vibration. The body is transformed, there will be a solution that I do not know.


Best performer award in La Espiral Contemporánea of Santander 2019

Adience award in  Artes do Corpo Doutras Contest, Ourense 2019

Best performer award in DZM Diálogos Contemporáneos 2019. Cáceres.

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