Contemporary dance show to convencional spaces and family audience | 50 min



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Contemporary dance company since 2012 directed by Cristina Montero and Rut Balbís.


Emoticores is her third show and first to convencional spaces:

So unha escusa (2012), Momento Blooming (2014) and Emoticores (2017).


Emoticores was selected for the Catalog Danza a Escena 2017, Galicia Mostra PRO 2017 and Circuito de Teatros Alternativos 2017.

EMOTICORES is a dance performance where emotions take part through colours and movement, which, together with sound and audiovisual projections has the objective of helping youngsters and their families to be able to identify emotions.

Emoticores is the new dance proposal from Cristina Montero & Rut Balbís, Las Tricotouses, thought for a younger audience, boys and girls attending primary school (8 to 12 years old).


COLOUR and PSYCHOLOGY: Alike adults, young people need their very own space where to identify and express themselves, to find their affections and their emotions. We believe that in order to enable spaces for contact and expression and in this way, grow towards a more human, creative and inclusive educational model, schools provide the space to do so.


In this way, working with colours is presented like an excellent tool to illustrate and recognize those emotional spaces which need to be identified and expressed. Colours, shapes, movement...they are all part of a language that can’t be seen, where emotions reside; the place where words are just simply not enough to be expressed.


Cristina Montero and Rut Balbís


Cristina Montero and Rut Balbís/Alba Fdez. Cotelo


Lighting design and audiovisual programmer 

Afonso Castro


Sound and graphic design

Jas Processor

Didactic unit

Paula Pintos, Cristina Montero and Rut Balbís

Coach in Psychology

Paula Pintos

Costume design

Teresa Gutiérrez




Management production, web and photo

Manu Lago

Production support

AGADIC - Xunta de Galicia


Concello de Ferrol and Concello de Narón

Espectáculo estrenado el 15 de enero de  2017 en el Pazo da Cultura de Narón - A Coruña

Gira 2017:

Pazo da Cultura de Narón, Auditorio de Ourense, Auditorio Municipal de Vigo, Teatro Principal de Compostela, Galicia Mostra PRO, Primavera en Danza de Carballo, Centro TNT de Sevilla, Cuarta Pared de Madrid, Teatro de la Estación de Zaragoza, Teatro Jofre de Ferrol.

Emoticores de Las Tricotouses
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Emoticores de Las Tricotouses
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Emoticores de Las Tricotouses
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Premiere: January 15,  2017 In the Pazo da Cultura of Narón - A Coruña

Tour 2017:

Pazo da Cultura of Narón, Auditorio of Ourense, Auditorio Municipal of Vigo, Teatro Principal of Compostela, Galicia Mostra PRO, Primavera en Danza of Carballo, Centro TNT of Sevilla, Cuarta Pared of Madrid, Teatro de la Estación of Zaragoza, Teatro Jofre of Ferrol.