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Galician dancer and creator. Resides in Madrid since 2001.

She trained in contemporary dance between Madrid, Brussels and Berlin.


In 2008, she began to create and develop his own projects, leading to experimentation and self-research. Her work is built from observation, experience and dialogue with her body as the main tool, betting on her own language, shaping the emotional content and aesthetic simplicity that characterize her work.


Her creations have been presented at prestigious national and international festivals such as Rencontres Chorégraphiques, Marseille Festival, Nouvelles-Pole Sud Festival, Cement Festival, Dança en Transito, MOV_S, TNT Dansa, Festival de Otoño a Primavera, Escenas do Cambio and Bad Festival, among others.

Feelings is a work that has never been defined, was born on the day of a death and emerged as a scream or a cry for that loss ... From that moment he refused to take a concrete form and also refused to die. Feelings is a living body that wants to inhabit spaces to mourn, for crying as an exercise of liberation, to dance it and to exalt the beauty of a dejected body.

Creation and performer

Janet Novás


Sergei Rachmaninoff

Video and photography

Virginia Rota

Premiered in Corpo(a)terra  Festival 2015 - Ourense - Spain

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