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In 2019 Ensalle Teatro, Cía Solodos and Galicia Contemporary Dance collaborated for the presentation of a special program in the theater of Vigo where  emerging dance creators of Galicia meet: Seis Cordas Galicia. The program ends with the presentation of a performance created specifically for this occasion and this space:


From lat. caterva 'troop', 'crowd', 'platoon,' gang '.

1. f. Crowd of people or things considered as a messy set (…)

Caterva is a mobile and specific show for each place where the cast varies on each occasion. Caterva uses the resources of each new space and incorporates them into the development of the piece.

Direction and creation

Erick Jiménez

Performers and creators

Alba Fernández Cotelo, Elvi Balboa, Alejandra Balboa, Lucía Bocanegra, Esther Latorre and Hugo Pereira

Sound Space

DJ Jas Processor · 7H Coop. Cultural

Lighting Design

Pedro Fresneda · Teatro Ensalle



Maruxa Salas · Cía Sólodos and  Manu Lago · Galicia Danza Contemporánea

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