"We are vibration.

Everything is vibration, and everything is impermanent, for everything is in constant motion.

Our mind is also movement, and movement needs harmony to create efficiency.

Harmony is rhythm.

Who knows how to manipulate vibration can transform things arround them."

EM•NA is based on the idea of vibration as a manipulative element.

This arose from the OM mantra, and the resulting vibration in mantras and yoga practices.  All this led us to experience that we are vibration and constant movement.

The research on the Mudras led us to the symbolic, almost literary execution, because in a choreographic way we find it very interesting to exemplify the idea of the OM mantra, and other sensations.

The relationship between interpreters goes through different states: compressing, stretching, changing the rhythm of his own vibration, and all this starting from his individual physicality. 

The stage composition of the bodies shows the different states and spaces of the same vibration through a nude, raw and everyday contemporary physicality.

The duration of each movement and action almost seems to be that of a thought, purpose or reflection. The piece seeks to weave order, chaos, passivity and the echo of the mind projected into the changing body.

The strong presence of the world and Japanese spirit creates an aesthetic full of significant and forceful details. A "momentum" about how full and overwhelmed the human mind is and the need for silence.

EM•NA is an investigation into "subcutaneous acoustics" through vibration and the resulting silence in the other's body.

Creation and performing:

Esther Latorre and Hugo Pereira


Original music:

René Aubry


Sound space:

Colectivo Glovo



Manu Lago and Adrián González



Manu Lago and Xaquín Silva


Graphic and web design:

Manu Lago



Lurdes Fernandes



Galicia Danza Contemporánea and Teatro Ensalle

With a production subsidy of:

Agadic · Xacobeo 2021 · Xunta de Galicia



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