“Where our touch begins, we are.

I am.

You are.

Are we?

It's an occupation of reality, a conquest.

Look for familiar faces.

You hesitate without rubbing and accept, sometimes unsuccessfully.

The inhabited body.

The enigma body.”




The piece EM·NA is based on the idea of vibration as a manipulative element. It's an investigation into "subcutaneous acoustics" through vibration and resulting silence in each other's bodies.

The relationship between interpreters goes through different states: compressing, stretching, changing the rhythm of his own vibration, and all this based on their individual physicality.

The scenic composition of the bodies shows the different states and spaces of the same vibration through contemporary, naked, raw and everyday physicality.

The strong presence of the world and Japanese spirit creates an aesthetic full of significant and blunt details.

The duration of each movement almost resembles that of a thought, purpose or reflection.

The piece therefore seeks to interweave order, chaos, passivity and the echo of the mind projected on the changing body.

A "momentum" about how full and overwhelmed the human mind is and the need for silence.​



EM·NA delves into our animal, instinctive and intuitive reality.


EM·NA  talks about what the body understands. Self-piracy.


Sensitive body

Body house

Enigma body

Social body

Inhabited body


Creation and performing:

Esther Latorre and Hugo Pereira


Sound space:




Adrián González and Manu Lago



Chus Varela and Manu Lago

Graphic and web design:

Manu Lago


Image design:

Marcia Vázquez



Jandro Villa


With the support of:

Teatro Ensalle

Galicia Danza Contemporánea

Agadic · Xacobeo 21 · Xunta de Galicia

INAEM · Ministerio de Cultura · Gobierno de España



Escuela Palimoco



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