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Esther's passion for and training in dance and movement began at an early age – as early as 2003 she immersed herself in the world of classical dance, which would carry her into the future with a continuous desire to explore new aspects of scenic art. Galician by birth, she went on to graduate from the Professional School of Dance in Lugo, specializing in contemporary dance and forming part of the first group of contemporary dance professionals in Galicia, as well as completing a postgraduate degree as a teacher of physical education in the same city at the same time.

Since then, she has worked with dance companies such as Jove Companyia de Danza Gerard Collins (Valencia), Moudansa (Valencia), North Dance Company (Portugal), Maduixa Teatre (honored with Max Award to Best Street Show “Mulïer”; Premi Moritz Award to Best Street Premier 2016; Umore Azoka  Award 2017 (País Vasco) and Artes Escénicas Valencianas Award from IVC in 2018) or in Centro Coreográfico Galego co-production “E_Migrantas” with Kirenia Martínez as director.

 She has been honored too with first prize in Certamen Coreográfico Delmar (Valencia) for the piece “Aliquam”) and winner of Best Contemporary Dance Performer Award in 11º Certamen de danza Gerard Collins.

Since 2016 is the codirector of Colectivo Glovo with Hugo Pereira.

Born and raised in O Porto, Hugo Pereira began his training in the Professional School of Dance in Aveiro, from which he would graduate in 2015. He has trained with various dance specialists such as: Akram Khan Dance Company; Sagi Gross (Gross Dance Company, The Netherlands); Shirley Esseboom (The Netherlands); Víctor Hugo Pontes (Nome Proprio, Portugal); Bruno Alexandre (Portugal); Carmela García (Otradanza, Spain); Julia Weh (Germany); Romulus Neagu (Portugal).

He was part of the Companhia de Dança no Norte during their production of “Barulhos nossos” in 2015-16 and he has participated in various national and international festivals of the creative arts. He is currently immersed in the development of the dance project GLOVO, of which he is the co-founder with Esther Latorre.

At the moment he is currently focused on Colectivo Glovo co-direction, participating in national and international festivals.

He worked at several times for Adolfo Domínguez (National Fashion Award 2019) with Esther Latorre.

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