Outdoor contemporary dance spaces | 10 min 



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is an actor and dancer and works in the companies Teatro Ensalle and Galitoon, collaborates with the artists Dora García, Tino Sehgal, Elena Córdoba, Victor Hugo Pontes, Barbara Griggi and Emanuele Sciannames, and founds, with María Roja, Berio Molina and Ángel Sousa the collective of experimental scenic creation: áIntemperie.


Since 2013 he works as a dancer with the choreographer Amélia Bentes.


In 2015 he presents his first creation, A temperatura O temperamento, premiered at Teatro Ensalle of Vigo and awarded in Solodos En Danza of Ourense in 2016.

Wetlands are my holes. Slippery Quiet. Hot. The border between hot and bleeding meat and an airtight world. Everything is mystery to those who observe, for whom their object of desire is not satisfied with anatomy books. The inside, all darkness, and the outside, that so visible, indecipherable.

Creation and performer

Fran Martínez


Centro Cultural Conde Duque 

Coreógrafos en Comunidad

Centro Danza Canal


Humedales de Fran Martínez
Humedales de Fran Martínez
Humedales de Fran Martínez

It was premiered on June 20 and 21, 2019 in Danza no Claustro in Ourense.