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L  A  R  A    M  U  N  Í  N

  • Instagram Lara Munin

She began her training in the city where she was born, Santiago de Compostela, in ballet, traditional Galician dance and Capoeira.

She studied double specialization in classical and contemporary dance at the Professional Conservatory of Dance in Lugo.

Currently a last year student in a Choreography and Interpretation major, at the institut del Teatre.

Her artistic interest lies in the development of a movement language inspired in both   traditional Galician dance and flamenco; two worlds that she studies, researches and practices to embrace them from a contemporary point of view.


She is co-founder and member of Las Norteñas and Cía Mai.

She was a finalist in SóLODOS in Danza Ourense 2019 with her solo OPP.

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