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L  A  R  A    M  U  N  Í  N

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 O P P


 O P P 


Scenic show / Unconventional spaces

Duration: 10 min

Creation, choreography and performer: Lara Munín

Lighting designLucía García Paz

Sound arrangementLiam Wheeler

Creation residencyUniversity of Stavanger


What would happen if the only thing that can be moved with absolute awareness and control are the legs? Through the investigation of this idea, I developed a personal quality of movement. Opp is about duality, about the existence of antonyms, and the search of agreement for progress; but also of many other things because its internal dialogue invites the audience to create their own story and make their own connections.



05/23/2019 · University of Stavanger- Noruega

Finalist  show at the  Certamen de Creación in Festival SóLODOS En Danza Ourense 2019 · Spain.

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