Performative installation |  30 min.

C(a)t MEMINISS-E 006.jpg

 09/04/2021  | PREMIERE | Corpo(a)terra Festival | Gondomar 


Il n’y a pas de politique qui ne

soit pas une politique des corps.

Michael Foucault

En esta nueva realidad, los que

habíamos perdido el amor o no lo

habíamos encontrado a tiempo, es

decir, antes de la gran mutación

del Covid-19, estamos condenados

a pasar el resto de nuestra vida

totalmente solos.

Sobreviviríamos, pero sin tacto,

sin piel.

Paul B. Preciado

Meminiss-e is an invitation offered to people very close to me, by family, friendly, sexually emotional or professional ties, during the period of state of alarm in Spain due to the coronavirus pandemic. The proposal consists of making a portrait of myself by shooting only the memory, using a mobile application for this purpose that emulates the software for the construction of police robot portraits. The exercise of extracting the information that remains alive in the memory, in an unusual way given the situation of forced distancing without prior notice, is complicated. The resulting images, in their coincidences and differences, with the variable prominence of features or expressions, end up showing the subjectivity of the evocation and the fragility of memory.


Meminiss-e ends up being a collaborative piece in drawing and action format in which the remote control devices that are in the palm of our hand are subversively squeezed at the service of the intimate act of remembering an absent loved one.

The collective action drawing Meminiss-e developed during home confinement, is now being reformulated as a performative installation to go outside

The portraits, printed on adhesive paper, are exhibited in public spaces, using furniture and urban elements. The artist's body, exposed on a rotating platform, hides her face behind a tablet on which the aforementioned drawings are looped. At the same time, the casual audience stumbles upon the image during their daily transit, listens to a sound description of the body they are intuiting, also made from the memory of a group of people linked to it.

Meminiss-e becomes a reflection on the way bodies act in solitude and in restricted physical spaces, threatened by the stereotype syndrome. This is an inevitably contextualized piece in a time of the aftermath of the pandemic.


Creation and performer

María Roja


Ángel Sousa - Corpoaterra and

Manuel G.Vicente - Performa


Adrián Porima, Ailén Kendelman, Alba Blanco, Areta Bolado, asformigas, Atenea García, Begoña Cuquejo, Carla Rodríguez, Carolina Rodil, Christian García Bello, Fernando González, Fon Cortizo, Fran Martínez, Héctor Guerra, Jesús Andrés Tejada, Javier Labandeira, Laura Torrado, Luis Esmorís, Maria Chiginskaya, María Costas, Miguel Canalejo, Miguel Vidal, Míriam Rodríguez, Nicolás Zamorano, Pablo Canosa, Paolo Constantino, Rosa Puga, Samuel Merino, Santiago Paredes, Sabela Eiriz, Santi Romay, Silvia Penas, Tamara Andrés, Velpister, Xan Cortizo, Xiuyan L., Xose Piñeiro


Premiered on September 4, 2021 at the Corpo (a) Terra Festival in Gondomar (Pontevedra)

Participate in the Innovation Festival through Performa on October 9, 2021 in Ares (A Coruña)