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Galician dancer and creator. Resides in Madrid since 2001.

She trained in contemporary dance between Madrid, Brussels and Berlin.


In 2008, she began to create and develop his own projects, leading to experimentation and self-research. Her work is built from observation, experience and dialogue with her body as the main tool, betting on her own language, shaping the emotional content and aesthetic simplicity that characterize her work.


Her creations have been presented at prestigious national and international festivals such as Rencontres Chorégraphiques, Marseille Festival, Nouvelles-Pole Sud Festival, Cement Festival, Dança en Transito, MOV_S, TNT Dansa, Festival de Otoño a Primavera, Escenas do Cambio and Bad Festival, among others.

"Mercedes máis eu" is the product of the collaboration between the artist Janet Novás and the composer Mercedes Peón.

After several encounters of improvisation in very heterogeneous contexts and spaces, where the two artists explore the particular relationships that exist between "their dance and their music", the need arises and the desire to deepen, understand, organize or write and dedicate a time of "study" to this relationship.


In this way, between instruments, memories, songs and dances begin to emerge concepts of the baggage of both and in different states of latency. Some of them of great socio-political content: identity, belonging, sonority, collective creation, gender ... and underlie most of the materials, from the musical "objects" to the dancers or biographers. Others, somatic concepts or quantum experiences: trance, energy, vibration ... and appear in the pulses, rhythms and tones, in the voices and dynamics, in the silences, in the forms.


The work is also a subtle proposal about the sensible common thing, and a bet for the artistic doing / knowledge.

Direction, creation and performers

Mercedes Peón and Janet Novás

Artistic support

Ricardo Santana and Pablo Esbert

Music composer, lyrics and concept

Mercedes Peón


Janet Novás and Victoria P. Miranda

Lighting Design

Cristina Bolívar


Ezequiel Orol


Uxía Vaello


Adriana Reyes


Comunidad de Madrid

With the support of

Centro Danza Canal and Sede Losdedae

Thanks to

Jorge Rúa, Virginia Rota, Eduardo Bonito, Celso Giménez, Beatriz Calatrava, Lipi Herández and Laura Kumin


Premiered in Centro Danza Canal, october 2018

Played at Sismògraf Olot and FAM Tenerife 2019.

Mercedes máis eu de Janet Novás
Mercedes máis eu de Janet Novás
Mercedes máis eu de Janet Novás
Mercedes máis eu de Janet Novás
Mercedes máis eu de Janet Novás
Mercedes máis eu de Janet Novás
Mercedes máis eu de Janet Novás
Mercedes máis eu de Janet Novás