Contemporary dance show to convencional spaces | 50 min.




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Nuria Sotelo is dancer, choreographer and actress.

She worked for the Galician Choreographic Center, Femme Fatale, Experimenta Danza, Teatro Rosoante, Elefante Elegante, Matarile Teatro and in 2010 she founded her own company Licenciada Sotelo with which she produces 7 shows.

In 2017 she received the theater interpretation prize Maruxa Villanueva of Concello de Padrón.

A small track

The skin of a woman

The behavior of a cow


Who looks is welcome

Do you want to pass?

In the trapeze, under the glances

My business is your business

My fear and fear

My nudity is yours

A work on presence.

A dance solo that moves between the evocation of common places and the exhibition of the private, considering the implication or misunderstanding of the one who watches or attends a public act and questions our passivity before the events of others.

Someone will say that he would gladly get involved in his affairs, but what are they? Sometimes everything concerns us, suddenly, nothing touches us.

The thread condutor e transformation, of a woman, of a presence, of the energy, of the look of the observer. The chameleonism of a person: according to it is treated, according to what is seen, as it is shown, as it is remembered.

The scene is a communication tool and the objective is to connect. Is what we do effective?

With few resources we are interested in showing the apparently simple although everything has a double reading.

Alexander Calder playing with his little wire circus, the clown trying to climb into a chair, the gold trapeze artist, the blue horses, the cabaretera, a naked model, some cow remains, remains.

Ideas built from images, dance and presence through emotions and sensations. The pleasure of evoking images that provoke the emotion of the one who looks, who is always individual and, if we manage to involve him, he will participate being an interpreter of our experiences.

The intent and the repetition of the attempt. "Try again, fail again" as the great Beckett would say.


Nuria Sotelo and Ana Vallés


Ana Vallés


Nuria Sotelo

Lighting Design

Miguel Muñoz

Photo and video

Rubén Vilanova

Graphic design

Jacobo Bugarín

Premiere: International Theatre Festival of Ourense FITO, 2010.


Tour: Auditorio de Ourense, Sala Santart, La Nave de Cambaleo de Aranjuez, Central Lechera de Cádiz, Teatro Principal de A Estrada, Teatro Principal de Compostela, FITEI, WOS Festival - Sala Montiel de Compostela,...

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Métanse nos seus asuntos

Foto Rubén Vilanova

Métanse nos seus asuntos
Métanse nos seus asuntos

Foto Rubén Vilanova

Métanse nos seus asuntos
Métanse nos seus asuntos

Foto Rubén Vilanova

Métanse nos seus asuntos
Métanse nos seus asuntos

Foto Rubén Vilanova