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is a Galician artistic project integrated by Marta Alonso Tejada, Paula Quintas and Begoña Cuquejo that combines company work with cultural management, with projects such as the Corpo (a) terra Festival, the Enxebre Danza training program or the Professional Contemporary Dance Training in Santiago de Compostela.


Dance show for families | Conventional spaces |  55 min.

 03/07/2021  | PREMIERE | Teatro Principal | Santiago de Compostela 

Nina, brave and happy in equal measure, finds some very special flowers that lead her to discover a fantastic world, inhabited by magical, powerful and fun beings. Everything is so different, so bright, so beautiful! But Nina longs for her home and decides to leave. The point is that this world is a labyrinth like all labyrinths, it is very easy to enter but very difficult to exit. Will she get it?


Nina Ninette is an initiatory tale inspired by the aesthetics of the Triadic Ballet, celebrating the centenary of its premiere, to dance a story of beauty and rebellion.


María Torres (Elegant Elephant Company) together with Marta Alonso Tejada and Paula Quintas (TrasPediante) form a creation team for the piece started from the aesthetics of Oskar Schlemmer's Triadic Ballet -Bauhaus- of 1921

Authorship and direction:

María Torres


Marta Alonso Tejada and Paula Quintas


Marta Alonso Tejada, Paula Quintas and Carlota Mosquera

Set design:

Gonçalo Guerreiro

Original Music:

Alex Salgueiro


Diego Valeiras

Lighting design:

Nacho Martín


Marta Mallo and Juan Lens


Manu Lago · Galicia Danza Contemporánea



Creation grant:

Agadic · Xacobeo 2021 · Xunta de Galicia


Concello da Estrada, Concello de Negreira, Danza Alfaia, Centro Coreográfico Galego, Galicia Danza Contemporánea.

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