Dance show  | Outdoor |  15 min.


 08/21/2021  | PREMIERE | Propulsa Danza + Paisaxe + Patrimonio 


It is not always "chegar e encher" (an expression in Galician that means to arrive and succeed), sometimes it is to arrive and empty. But even after taking everything out, that emptiness continues to weigh on. Is it something that always accompanies us or does it disappear when we stop looking?

Occo is the first creation of the D'elas collective, a medium-format piece for the street or unconventional spaces. It is about the setting in motion of the void through the personal experiences of the performers, through some of the multiple meanings that this concept presents, from the existential void, the filling of value or the emptying to be able to fill up again; even a reflection of society where the more one side of the world is filled, the more the other empties.

Artistic directors:

Julia Laport and Sabela Domínguez



Andrea Castro, Eloi García, Martín Sanjurjo, Myriam González, Nerea Balado and Noelia Mato


Premiered on 08/21/2021 at Propulsa Danza + Paisaxe + Patrimonio, they perform the following functions:

08/21/21: Pazo de Oca - A Estrada (Pontevedra). Propulsa Danza

08/22/21: Praza do Mar - Sanxenxo (Pontevedra). Propulsa Danza

08/28/21: Praza de Galicia - Lalín (Pontevedra). Propulsa Danza