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She is a dancer and teacher of contemporary and modern dance. She trained at the Carmen Roche Conservatory in Madrid - Spain (2017) and the Elementary Ballet Degree Classical at the Coppelia and Mayeusis Conservatories in Vigo - Spain, complementing her training with monographs by top-level choreographers and creators national and European.

She is currently co-producing Mesura, a street solo, with AMARELO Distribución Escénica after the emerging accompaniment program Da Man, which premieres in May 2024.

Dance, among other shows, in:
O Salón dos pasos Perdidos of Paula Quintas Cía desde 2023.
Mi me conmigo of Cía La Galga, 2023
Ludo of  Cía La Galga, 2021
Entre almendras anda el juego of Aracaladanz
a, 2022
El Viaje of Cía Ballet Carmen Roche, 2016- 2018
Recreo of Cía Ballet Carmen Roche, 2016-2018

Receive the awards from the Compostela 2021 Choreographic Contest with the piece Ludo by Cía LaGalga, the Carmen Roche Contest with the duo De Mayor Quiero Ser… and Los puntos suspensivos que decidas with Lydia Martínez.

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Direction, choreographyt and dancer: Raquel Ferradás
Collaborator: Media Punta Vigo
Video and photo: Javier Costela Vázquez
Accompanied by: Da Man  a project by AMARELO Distribución Escénica and Manu Lago

with the sponsorship of the Xunta de Galicia through the Galician Choreographic Center

Production: AMARELO Distribución Escénica
Lenght: 19 minutes

Show for street or unconventional spaces



Mesura (Measurement). From Latin: measure.
The great virtue of temperance, of having your feet on the ground, of earthly things.
To go into a loop, live with the knots in your stomach and get up every day in the most elegant way.
Of calm within chaos and tranquility in privacy.
Of the peace of being with yourself, of the enjoyment and fear of loneliness.
Of revelation and perfectionism.
Of the DROWNING that comes from not having everything under control.

Life speaks and we are constantly changing, in search of balance, without going too much or too little.
MESURA dances waiting for you at different moments in life. In general, to the concern and concern that it generates.
Sustain, take refuge in movement, adapt to transitions and move forward.
Starting from scratch is surviving in the present. There is no past in zero.
You have to know how to live with waiting to see the world in the eyes.


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Raquel Ferradás
0034 654 396 191


Lilian Portela
AMARELO Distribución Escénica
00 34 610 106 808

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