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Galician dancer and creator. Resides in Madrid since 2001.

She trained in contemporary dance between Madrid, Brussels and Berlin.


In 2008, she began to create and develop his own projects, leading to experimentation and self-research. Her work is built from observation, experience and dialogue with her body as the main tool, betting on her own language, shaping the emotional content and aesthetic simplicity that characterize her work.


Her creations have been presented at prestigious national and international festivals such as Rencontres Chorégraphiques, Marseille Festival, Nouvelles-Pole Sud Festival, Cement Festival, Dança en Transito, MOV_S, TNT Dansa, Festival de Otoño a Primavera, Escenas do Cambio and Bad Festival, among others.

"I was born, I came out, I needed to go out and manifest, I do not know what it is or what it is called, I only know that it exists and wants to be visible, it wants to be and be, something tangible to be true and true to the eyes of others my own look, it wants to manifest itself from an image, from the sound, from the silence, it wants to be born even if it dies at that moment, and I am at your service to make that happen ".

In my creative processes there are two main lines or important recurring principles in the decisions I make that shape my work: one that is intuitive and somatic, and another that reflects and asks questions about the first. The aesthetic result of my pieces is a transcription of the dialogue between these two forms of thought. In this work I have tried to privilege all those materials that were the result of impulses, thus distancing me from all the problems that the discursive question posed to me.

I do not pose any question, speech or collective reflection. I do not know what argument would be more favorable to this work or basically what it is about, that inability to describe it drives me and motivates me. I just want to activate my body, the time and space that surrounds me, share feelings, start a journey through my experiences and my needs for expression where action, dedication, commitment and responsibility will be essential to carry out this work.

I am interested in expanding the limits of the body and for this I have used a series of tools: Objects that build metaphorical images, make-ups that transform the body, costumes that reflect light and lights that wear spaces, sound textures that create landscapes. In this piece, these landscapes are self-referential or biographical, although I have only been aware of this once they have begun to act synergistically, so I can recognize: the Galician cliffs, the sea, folklore, the magical and the ritual, the cosmic.

Creation, direction and performer

 Janet Novás


Ricardo Santana

Original music

Haru Mori

Sound space

Haru Mori and Oscar Villegas

Artistic support

Antía Díaz and Lipi Hernández

Lighing design

David Picazo and Cristina Bolívar


Virginia Rota


Panamá Díaz and Maravilla Muñoz


Festival de Otoño a Primavera - Comunidad de Madrid, Teatro Pradillo, Festival Escenas do Cambio and Festival BadBilbao

With the support

Graner Centro de Creació, Paso a 2, Conde Duque, Centro de Danza Canal and Coreógrafos en comunidad

Thanks to

Carmen Fuentes and Proyecto Proyectil

JUAN ADRIO_sphdenhe_2017_0012 - Janet No

Premiered in Teatro Pradillo program of Festival de Otoño a Primavera of Madrid on February 4 in 2016. 

It was played in Escenas do Cambio, BadBilbao, Fidcu de Montevideo, Festival Fitch and Centro Cultural de España en Chile, Teatro Rosalía de A Coruña, Conde Duque de Madrid and Centro Párraga de Murcia,...   

Bestial, sidereal, exciting ... the presence and movement of Janet Novás in her show If I could talk about this, I would not do this.

Afonso Becerra - Artezblai, periódico de las Artes Escénicas

Janet appears for an hour as a chameleonic being that inhabits the circle of the self, in the spiral of space-time. It surprises how it can give off a sort of immutable essence - original and unique - precisely through its capacity for constant mutation.

Sabela Mendoza -  blog A cuerpo de baile

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