Contemporary dance show to conventional spaces | 55 min 



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Mikel has worked for companies in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and France since 1989 and develops creations for his own dance company.

He trained at the school of Pina Baush and received the prize of the Choreographic Competition of Madrid in 1994.

Resides in Galicia since 2017.

"SANS TITRE" is a duo created in 1997 from the invitation of the association "Artistes Face au SIDA" to participate in a gala of the international day of the fight against AIDS, on December 1, at the Sala Patiño in Geneva , at a time during which the associations against the disease began to become visible in the European landscape.

In 2017, twenty years later, Mikel Aristegui and Marcela San Pedro come together in their trajectory and decide to reinterpret the duo, taking into account the new environment linked to sickness.

"Untitled 97/17" is a declaration of love.

Creation: Marcela San Pedro and Mikel Arístegui

Performers: Masako Hattori and Mikel Arístegui

Lighting desing: Daniel Delmont

Lighting technician: Octavio Mas

Music: Gilles Abravanel

Voice-over: Helena Resano

Suisse Production: Le Ciel Productions with the suport of Le Ville de Gèneve

Galician Production: SIL Producciones · Mikel Aristegui

Graphic design: Manu Lago

Sin Título 97/17 de Mikel Aristegui
Sin Título 97/17 de Mikel Aristegui
Sin Título 97/17 de Mikel Aristegui
Sin Título 97/17 de Mikel Aristegui