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FUNBOA ESCÉNICA is the Galician performing arts company founded in 2011 by Cristina Balboa.

FUNBOA ESCÉNICA comes to the surface with identity and guerrilla force and wants to vindicate contemporary creation in Galicia.


Electronic dance show | Conventional and unconventional spaces |  60 min.

Technocracia is the search for a common space where to be together and -finally- dance. Technocracia approaches the party as a place of communion, as a mechanism of mental reprogramming, of rupture with the everyday, of physical and emotional hedonism, and also as a methodology of creation based on the body in motion and the mass, where we expand our scenic experience to the include the public as an essential part of the piece through the actions that are generated.


It is about stopping creating fictions to allow ourselves to be created by facts, trying to preserve our internal heat, our freshness and human goodness against the tyranny of order.


In Technocracia the public that participates is placed in a device created for each occasion by the plastic artist Mauro Trastoy.


Cristina Balboa

Authors and performers: 

Cristina Balboa, Félix Fernández and Manuel Parra

Guest starring: 

Elvi Balboa

Lighting design: 

Afonso Castro

Set design: 

Mauro Trastoy

Original music: 

Cristina Balboa, Félix Fernández and Manuel Parra


Manu Lago · Galicia Danza Contemporánea


Ángel Sousa

Graphic design: 

Félix Fernández and Mauro Trastoy



Creation grant: 

Agadic · Xacobeo 2021 · Xunta de Galicia

With the support of: 

Galicia Danza Contemporánea, Corpo(a)terra, De Corpos Presentes

Technocracia Stage #2 Manifesto
Technocracia Stage #2 Manifesto
Technocracia Stage #2 ManifestoF6963
Technocracia Stage #2 Manifesto
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