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Vertical dance show on facade | 30 minutes



In Hitchckok's Vertigo, if we eliminate Scottie, we are left with her, or them, the two characters that Kim Novak plays: Madeleine and Judi. And they fill everything. Scottie is just a narrator, a naive witness to the film's thick female grove, mature redwood forest. On the wall, on the wall or on the precipice, the Pistacatro company, together with the Dueliriums, tries to evoke a harsh, reptilian atmosphere, traversing the transcript that goes from one to another, which begins in the gloom and ends in the abyss.


The routines that occur in the show start from a research environment without ever abandoning the spectacular aspect of the vertical arts. Artistic proposal from Pistacatro Productora de Soños. Vertigo is the first piece of Vertical Dance on the wall that is made in Galicia and that proposes other scenarios where the circus and the arts of movement can be brought together by the Galician circus factory company Pistacatro and in close collaboration with the duo of aerealists Duelirium.



Original Idea:

Belém Brandido and Diego Anido



Raquel Oitavén and Mercè Solé


Artistic Direction:

Diego Anido


Direction and movement assistant:

Paula Quintas


Rigging assistant:

Rubén Sacaferro


Lighting design:

Laura Iturralde



Nacho Muñoz






Erea Pérez



Rubén Vilanova


Graphic design:

Juan Gallego






Belém Brandido-Pistacatro Productora de Soños



MIT Ribadavia



Galicia Danza Contemporánea, Concello de Negreira, Concello de Santiago


Thanks to the special colaborations with Arturo Cobas Lema, Clotilde Vaello and Galicia Danza Contemporánea


Premiered on July 25, 2021 at the MIT in Ribadavia

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