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O Salón dos Pasos Perdidos is a 15-minute show for the street and non-conventional spaces.

O salón dos pasos perdidos brings together four walkers driven by a salvific and purifying sense who meet in the common pilgrimage of life. A confluence of four paths that share a meeting point and that will begin -without return- to spatialize memory, reflect on time, space and territory in the construction of a joint memory. Four bodies that meet and meet again in a shared ritual towards healing: pilgrimage as birth


It will be a collapse of textualities that occur in time and in the paths following the need for the performers to compose themselves and define themselves in a shared process, often traumatic, but also revealing. A kaleidoscopic construction of timeless witnesses to discover realities that present the performers' bodies as amplifiers of the ability to think, feel and imagine in community.

An amalgam of stories that come together at the meeting point.


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Esther Latorre, Fran Martínez, Hugo Pereira and Paula Quintas meet for the creation and interpretation of the show O Salón dos Pasos Perdidos.

Original Music:



Manu Lago · Galicia Danza Contemporánea

Promotional photography:

Adrián González · Adolfo Domínguez


Danza Alfaia, Adolfo Domínguez

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O Salón dos Pasos Perdidos will be created in 2023 from the participation with "Estancia Landscape" in the Danza en el Camino program promoted by the Burgos - NY International Choreography Festival with extension to Galicia through SóLODOS in 2022.